How did you even find me ?

I can’t believe I actually have traffic ! I assumed I was blogging only for posterity, not popularity. Well, okay, it’s hardly the M25, but at least you can keep crickets company – make yourselves at home, pull up a tumbleweed.

So, welcome all ! Following the opening weekend and bank holiday, the rate of new posts will drop to two per day for this week, and one per day thereafter. That should keep me going for the next two-three years, and then it will drop further to once or twice a week (the rate at which I write them). I’ll also then be blogging new stuff before I add it to the theme pages along the top. I’ll also go back from time to time to add comments on them, and I’ll you know about it here.

As you have no probably guessed, I am new to blogging, and this site will doubtless be further tweaked and prodded, such as finding a way to fit my email address in the sidebar on a single line. But actually, I’m not completely green, as I also contribute to the Pitshanger Poets blog some weeks (though I didn’t set that one up). Feel free to have a nose around, or if you’re in West London you could even attend one of our workshops – they’re every Tuesday evening at the Questors Theatre in Ealing.

Anyway, here’s a bonus poem as a thank you, just in time for Summer –

A Friend in Blend

All through Europe, there I’ll find you.
(Never back in Blighty, mind you.)
Ev’ry café, ev’ry table –
Lipton’s Yellow Label.

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