Nom de l’Union


Nom de l’Union

Oh yes, my love, yes !  Oh I shall, yes, I shall !
Oh, I shall take your hand – but alas not your name.
Now, pray do not think me an ungrateful gal,
But must we be titled and branded the same ?
I know, yes, I know – it makes us a union –
(And as reasons go, well, that’s not a puny one.)

But, honestly, darling, your name is, well…bland.
In no way notorious, curious, grand,
Nor pithy and sharp, nor noble and fine.
It’s boringly ordin’ry, jars most discordantly,
Wholly abundant, redundant and panned.
(And woe, don’t I know, so is mine !)

There’s nothing else for it, we each must do better –
Let’s cast both asunder, and start out anew.
We’ll tailor each phoneme and polish each letter,
To craft us a cognomen worthy and true.
Dynasties ?  Damn them !  Just patriarch fetters –
Anonymous rungs of begats and begetters.

Soon, my love, soon, shall the world know our name,
And sing out each syllable, ring out each tone.
And suitably christened, we’ll join in the game –
Inhabit our alias, make it our own.
And if they should wonder at who we became –
It’s only a label by which we are known.

This is written with a female voice, since they’re the ones used to changing names.

On a complete tangent, why do we say ‘nom de plume’ and not ‘nom de la plume’ ?

3 thoughts on “Nom de l’Union

  1. There’s nothing wrong in keeping your name after marriage. Before I got married I actually hated the idea of changing it. I was not aware that I have a choice. But then again I love my husband’s name so I’m satisfied 😊


    1. I only know two or three women who did keep their names, and they still have no solution when it comes to their subsequent children. So every time a friend is getting married, I’ve tried to champion the idea that the pair of them choose a brand new surname, and I have a 100% success rate at failing to convince them.

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      1. That’s a great idea! That way they won’ have to choose, but I can only imagine the face of the person in charge of changing names if everyone does it each someone marries. Hahaha 😂


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