If Britney were a sonnet which one would she be...

(Each celebrity is matched - or "rhymed" - with a poem to show poetry can be for everyone, but you can click here for a definition of real rhyming couplets too)

Colin Firth and ‘Awkward Things 1′

June 7, 2014


By Rita Molnar via Wikimedia Commons at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Colin.Firth.Budapest.Premiere.jpg

How can you tell how old a woman is?  Say “Colin Firth” and see what she does!  If she raises a hand to a quivering bosom and murmurs something about Mr Darcy, a lake and that shirt then we’re looking at roughly the 40 – 50 bracket.  If there’s mention of a certain Rudolph jumper […]

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Conchita Wurst and ‘Introducing that Most Marvellous Human Freak, the Bearded Lady Miss Lupin

May 15, 2014


From an image by By Manfred Werner (Tsui) (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Thank you Conchita!  You (and a rather lovely post Comment) have inspired Rhyming Couplets to likewise “Rise like a Phoenix”, dig out the beard wax, and restart the blog.  Plus this “rhyme” was simply too good to miss – although I want to stress that in choosing Clare Pollard’s marvellous poem I am in no […]

Findus Crispy Pancakes and ‘The Fairies’

February 24, 2013


From an image by ladybeames at http://flic.kr/p/5pYMUk

What’s that? You’re hungry enough to eat a horse you say? Well luckily for you I’ve just been to ASDA…. Arhhh who’d have thought that a horsemeat scandal would be what it took to resurrect Rhyming Couplets (almost from the dead, like the meat in a modern lasagne)! Unbelievable as it sounds I actually had […]

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Orlando Bloom and ‘Or’

October 21, 2012


Orlando Bloom by Scheewantee at http://flic.kr/p/8CkkqU

Rhyming Couplets began to feel close to Orlando Bloom when she realised she had inadvertently been doing her hair in the same style as his in Lord of the Rings. Yes for a while there she looked like a particularly Hasidic Elf. But it was the pointy ears that really sealed the likeness. No, no […]

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Usain Bolt and ‘The Race’

August 6, 2012


Usain Bolt by thor_matt83 at http://flic.kr/p/5eYh9w

Cooee Rhyming Coupletees – I know it’s been a while (although funnily enough my last post on Boris has now come round to being Olympics-topical again…ha, how like 80s fashion he is). I’ve just been so caught up in planning the Olympic Opening Ceremony (pretty ace I thought), giving Boris a haircut so that he […]

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Boris Johnson and ‘In Honour of the City of London’

May 19, 2012


Boris Johnson by Annie Mole at http://flic.kr/p/bM4wDR

So the results are in – Boris is once again Mayor of London (well they’ve been in a while now, but like the London Underground system during the Olympic Games I’m afraid I’m running a little late). And, in best Rhyming Couplets tradition I’m not going to talk about his politics…I’m going to talk about his hair (arhh […]

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Howard Marks and ‘The Grass so little has to do’

April 8, 2012


From an image by idi0tech at http://flic.kr/p/BmT8q

See I would argue that poetry is also a mind altering substance. It is one of the few art forms that can genuinely change your mental furniture. Sometimes an image or line resonates and appeals so strongly that it plants itself in your head and changes your mental landscape forever. In ‘District and Circle’ Seamus […]

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