History Poems

ancient armor black and white chivalry
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

History – it’s what seperates us from the dinosaurs. Here are my takes on the past from the comfort of the present – catch them now before they’re repeated. It’s also a place to park my poems on politics, because nothing ages quicker than current affairs.


Armistice Sunday Blues

Aves Republica


Decline & Fall

Democracy in Action

Golden Ages Last For Ages

The Good Life

The Green Tree Anthem



The Knockers

Mate in One

Month of Fertility

Mortal Remains

Musings on the Nature of Hadrian’s Wall

No Man’s Pie is Freed from his Ambitious Finger

Of Lost & Found Cities

The Peasants are Revolting

The Queen of the Cockles

Queen of the Silk Road

A Recipe for Iron Gall Ink


Royal Peculiar

Salient Thoughts

The Sheriff of Chelsea


To the Future British Republic

Value Added Tax


Your False True-Colours