History Poems

ancient armor black and white chivalry
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History – it’s what seperates us from the dinosaurs. Here are my takes on the past from the comfort of the present – catch them now before they’re repeated. It’s also a place to park my poems on politics, because nothing ages quicker than current affairs.

        Poems about America:

America, We Need to Talk

Breaking the News

Cattle Prattle

Dream On

Every Winner gets a Free Shave

The High Cost of Living

Momma Tongue

The Star-Spangled Manna


A Trip to the Country

War of Words

        Poems about the Ancient & Classical world:


Ancient & Modern

Barrow Boy

Before Year Zero

Brick for Brick

The Census of Quirinius

Damnatio ad Bestias

Decline & Fall

Et In Orcadia, Ego

A Few Hours Spare



I Am the Artifact

Margarita Time

Musings on the Nature of Hadrian’s Wall

Of Lost & Found Cities

1 AD



The Siren

The Uncarved Block

Verses in Hades


        Poems about History in General:

The Corkscrew of History

Golden Ages Last For Ages

History Never Changes

The Inertia of Tradition

Insults are Written by the Winners

Month of Fertility

Mortal Remains

New Year’s Day

The Noble Art of Treachery

To the Future


        Poems about the Middle Ages & Tudor times:

Adventures in Phantom Time

The Ballad of Evermore

Big Charters



Clause 50

Ecce Humanitas

Farewell, Athelstan

The Good Life

Graves, Worms, & Epitaphs

Gunpowder, Fizzle, & Pop

Harvest Song



The Layman of Shalott

Licence to Crenellate

A Malady of Arms

No Man’s Pie is Freed from his Ambitious Finger

Ophelia’s Pharmacy

Quarter Days

A Recipe for Iron Gall Ink

The Sheriff of Chelsea


Tartan Tarts

To His Cold Mitress

To Niccolò

Via Metallum

White Rose, Red Leicester

        Poems about Politics:

Backwards Flags


The Bogeyman

Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office

Clause 50

Con Spiracy


Crew of the Revolution

The Dandelion International

The Deep State of Fear

Deferred Divisions

Democracy in Action

Every Winner gets a Free Shave

Flying the Flag

The Green Tree Anthem

The Hustings Shuffle

James Somersett

The Knockers



Mayday, Mayday !

Mutiny on the Waves

Noughts & Crosses

The Only Lefty in Poundbury

The Only Poll That Matters

The Peasants are Revolting

Pencil on a String

A point is all that you can score

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

A Public Service Announcement


Revolution of the Seasons

The Rigours of Indolence

Rue Britannia

The Singalong Song

The Slog

The Star-Spangled Manna

The State of the Nation

Strange Bedfellows

The Strongman & The Weakman


The Tolpuddle Tree

Trigger Warning

Us Too

Value Added Tax

“We’re All In It Together”

Winning the Defeat

Your False True-Colours

Poems about Royalty:

Aves Republica

Blue Chip, Brown Bread

Charles the Last

De-rigging the Deck

God save the Queen (but the Devil take the Plebs)

Graves, Worms, & Epitaphs

A Hat that Lets the Rain in




The Leach Clamps-On

Long to Reign o’er Us

Lying in State

Mate in One

Oak Apple Day

On Her Majesty’s Service

The Only Lefty in Poundbury


Proper Charlies

Queen Bee

Royal Peculiar

To the Future British Republic

Versificator Regis

White Rose, Red Leicester

        Poems about the Twenieth Century:


Armistice Sunday Blues

Blown on the Windrush


Con Spiracy

Crew of the Revolution


Ghost Town

Harvest Song




Mate in One

Monte Rosa

Mutiny on the Waves


Red Like the Poppies

Reflections on the Imperial War Museum’s Great War Gallery

Royal Peculiar

Rue Britannia

Salient Thoughts


Value Added Tax

Y2 A-Okay

        Poems about the Victorian age and the Enlightenment period:

America, We Need to Talk

April the 6th

Biblio Tech

Bottom of the Barrel

Carol of the Robins

Crew of the Revolution

The Engineers’ Plot

Fish & Physics

Fresh Pantoums, Only a Shilling !

Gingerbread Dickens


Hounslow Fast & Hounslow Slow

James Somersett

Little Drummer Boy

Manifest Destiny

The Merchantman Shanty

Mrs Silver

My First Imperial Adventure

Oak Apple Day

Obey in All Things your Masters According to the Flesh



Put out to Pasture

The Queen of the Cockles

Queen of the Silk Road

The Rigours of Indolence

The Tolpuddle Tree


Transatlantic Cable 1 – The Wake

Transatlantic Cable 2 – Emigrants’ Song

Transatlantic Cable 3 – Slow News Days

Transatlantic Cable 4 – The Visionary

Transatlantic Cable 5 – The Senator’s Speech

Transatlantic Cable 6 – The Engineer

Transatlantic Cable 7 – The Businessmen

Transatlantic Cable 8 – Crafting the Cable

Transatlantic Cable 9 – Gutta-Percha

Transatlantic Cable 10 – Laying the Line

Transatlantic Cable 11 – Hooking the Cable

Transatlantic Cable 12 – The Messages

Transatlantic Cable 13 – The Future

Working-Class Absolution

You Bet Your Life