Science Poems

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Too often poets are seen as favouring the spiritual over the mundanely material – such as when John Keats accused Isaac Newton of destroying the poetry of the rainbow. But what’s not to love about multiple refractions from suspended droplets ?

Ammonites & Moabites

And Saw That It Was Good

Arrays in Grace

Astro Quizzics

Axis of Up

Brain of Thought



Childless Genes


The Counting Carol

The Dark is Shining


Dwarf Planet


The Electric Universe

Eleven Degrees

Eponym’s Syndrome

Equant & Deferent

Evolution Chant

A Fate Worse Than Death

Felis schroedingi


The High Cost of High-Rise

How to Count the Years

The Hubble Kaleidoscope

Humbug on High

Hydrogen Fusion

If Ten were Twenty

Immortal Remains

In Finity

In Stelloriam

The Golden Future

Lazy Eight

Less Than Nothing

Life in the Colonies

Lift Thou Up Thy Rod

Linnaean quanta

Lonely Virion

Lunar Eclipse


Newton’s Cradle

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Out in the Styx

Paley Ontology

A Pile of Babbage

The Pillars of the Earth

The Problem with Trolleys


Pump Up, Soak In, Churn Out

Random Numbers

Real Ladies Prefer Cubic Zirconium

Retro Virus *

Richard Feynman

Scholastic Surgery

Shot Star

The Sky’s the Limit

Skywatching 1 – Magnitude

Skywatching 2 – Look Up, Look Quick !

Skywatching 3 – Watching the Stars Go By


Some Officers Have Horse And Coaches To Order About

So Shall it Come to Pass

Soul Lights *


Suburban Antares

Sun-&-Planet Gears


Sweet Placebo

Taking Care of Business


There is no Plan A


Volume to Area

The Voyage of the Novum Organum

White Knowledge


The Woo, it Burns !

Z. apocalypsus