Milepost by Simon Harriyott



“First recorded as such c.698.  Origin: (settlement of) Gilla’s people, from Old English -ingas ˋpeople of’.”

Eight miles west of Charing Cross
And just to south of Hanger Hill,
Lived farming folk whose Saxon Boss
Is with us yet, through his old ville –
Now while our names are doomed for loss,
Gilla’s people linger still.



First Eight Lines of a Sonnet

detail from the Chandos Portrait, possibly by John Taylor, possibly showing William Shakespeare


First Eight Lines of a Sonnet

I sometimes feel like life is just preamble,
All As and Bs and As and Bs forever –
There’s building-up of tension for the scramble,
But no antithesis can slip the tether.
Won’t someone blow the whistle on this shamble,
And get me underway in my endeavour ?
I long to find a volta, take a gamble,
But always must await a break in weather…