Humanism Poems

Touched by His Noodly Appendage
Touched by His Noodly Appendage by Arne Niklas Jansson, after Michelangelo

How to be godless without being up one’s own fundement, that’s the true meaning of life.

Poems about Family & Community:

Advent in November

Anon. Smith, Esq.


The Boston Stomp


Doorknocker Blues

England without the English


The First of Logos

Forever Second Place in a Beauty Contest


Ground Control

It’s All Good Stuff

The Knobs Turn Both Ways

Longhold Tenancy

The Memory of Woods

My Almost-Deadbeat Dad


Old Acquaintances

1 AD

One Last Rite

Passing Through

The Registrar


Requiems Retold

Salvation United

Second-Hand Elegy

The Singalong Song


Telling the Bees

Unwise in the Ys

Where the Hounds Lie Low

Poems about Inspiration:

Binary Error


Daedalus to Icarus

Death of the Artist

The Devil May Care

Drowning in the Jordan


Ecce Humanitas

Epiphany in the Rain

Four-Four Forever

Free Mulling

From Eden to Creation

Godless Devilry

Good Friday, Better Saturday


The High Road from Envy to Candour


In-the-Pink Blues

Losing my Wretchedness

A Nonny Mouse

A Norse Discourse

Not Only Pascal’s Wager

Now When They Heard About the Resurrection, Some Began to Scoff

1 AD

Once is Never Enough

The Oncoming March



The Providence Plot

Scholastic Surgery

Secular Commandments

Sonnet for the Goats


The State of the Nation

Still Got It

Thank You and Goodnight

There is no Canon

To Those I Leave Behind

The Triumph of the Magi

The True Meaning of Christmas

The Unnoticed Gift

Verbally Hyperbole

What Have We Learned

We Just Don’t Get It

When Saturday Came

Work in Progress

World Peace

Poems about Realisation:

The Also-Rans of the Human Race

Armchair Philosophy


The Battle for Midweek

Binary Error

Bunting in the Rain

Careers Advice

Coming Distractions


Conspiracy of Habit




The Drop

Dry January


Existential Differential


The Fork in the Road

The Ghost of Christmas Present


Giving Cynicism a Bad Name

Hark !  Our Better Angels Sing

Here Today

High C

The High Cost of Living

The High Road from Envy to Candour

The Inner Demon

The Joy of Misery

Kiss-Kiss Boom-Boom

Last Train to Nowhere

The Leaden Sky

A Life at the Living

The Long Journey to Average

The Luxury of Inconsequence

Lying in State

A Meal for One

Menin Gate, 8PM

Moving the Goalposts

Mus laboritorium

Music of the Ancients

New Year’s Daze

Niggles & Naggles

No Fish Were Harmed

One Last Rite

Pointless Deaths

Reflected Glory

Scuttlebutt Scandals

The Sidekick

Sins of the Fathers

Solo Carol

Synapse Error

Tempus Fudge-It

The Testament of Vacuum

Trigger Warning


The Uncarved Block

Uncle Charlie, How I Envy You

The Unfeted

Unsolitary Confinement

Unto Those Who Have Shall be Given


The View from the Dock

The Wages of Sin

Walking With Scissors

“We’re All In It Together”

What Have We Learned ?

Poems about Religion & Belief:

The Advent Carol

As the Ghurab Flies

An Atheist in Heaven

The Beckoning

Before Year Zero

Binary Error

Bleaters, Awake !

Bless You, Dammit !

The Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Numbers


Bright Satanic Mills

Circa Circumference

Ecce Humanitas

The Elusive Mister Morningstar

Existential Differential

The First of Logos


Get Up Off Our Knees

Godless, Thank God

Good Friday, Better Saturday


Hark !  The Better Angels Sing

Heaven & Earth

The High Cost of Belief

Holy Smoke

Holy Trinity, Batman !

How I Wonder What You Are


I Can See Your House From Here

Kosher Insecta

The Land of Nod

The Land of the Saints

Listen, Children

Losing my Wretchedness

Lying in State

Middle-Class Voodoo

Midnight Glorious

Mind the Gaps

The Modern Way

Nous Sommes Charlie

No True Scotsmen

Now When They Heard About the Resurrection, Some Began to Scoff

Obey in All Things your Masters According to the Flesh

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Prayer to Self


The Right to Offend

Salisbury Cathedral Vaccination Centre

Sonnet for the Goats

Sunday Best

The Sky is Full of Idols

Sunnis & Cartoonies

The Testament of Vacuum

Their Ears are Dull of Hearing

There Shall the Falcons also be Gathered, Each One with her Mate

Three-Line Poem

Threefold Commandments

Urban Spiritual

Wherefore by their Fruits ye Shall Know Them

A Wilful Child

You Bet Your Life