Love Poems

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By far the most over-versified subject there is. What new could I possibly add ? Mind you, I bet Shakespeare thought the same.

        Poems about Coming of Age:

…but then again, too few to mention…

Coming of Age, Twice Over

First Love is Always the Hardest

One, Two, Bakerloo

The Power of the Ballad

The Romantic Imperative

The Rover

Salad Days

The Sisters McBloom

        Poems about Heartbreak:

April Love

Chance Encounter

Conspiracy of Love

Dry Love


Hill Spheres


Kiss-Kiss Boom-Boom

Know your Onions

Plastic Roses

The Romantic Imperative

Scorpion Grass


That Old Old Song

These Eyes ain’t for Crying

To His Cold Mistress


Young Love

        Poems about Intimacy:


The Case for Privacy

Contract of Contact

Déjà Vu & You

Dry Love

Golden in the Fall

Love Birds


Overused & Underloved

Overwhelmed by Subtlety


Rhino Dancing

Pseudo for Two

Rhino Dancing

Running for Office

The Seven Days of Christmas

Sonnet for the Shrews

Soul Lights

To His Cold Mistress

Twenty-Twenty Hindsight


Unter den Linden

To the Love Unwritten

Valentine Sestina

Watching You Idle

        Poems about Passion:

Caveat Emptor


Honeymoon at Niagara Falls

The Horticultrix

How to Make Love with an Alien

Like Lockwork

A Litter of Angels

A Little Way Off

Love in Letraset

Love is Science Fiction

The Love that is Possible

The Misanthrope’s Love Song

My Second-Best Beds

Natural Affection

News Snooze Cues Muse Schmooz


Snow Angels

Some Things Are Beyond Rhyming

To Ev’ry Dream I Ever Dreamt

Tubular Belle

The Valentine Virus

Villain Elle

Le Voyeur & His Muse

Waiting For His Call