Love Poems

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By far the most over-versified subject there is. What new could I possibly add ? Mind you, I bet Shakespeare thought the same.


The Case for Privacy

Caveat Emptor

Conspiracy of Love

Contract of Contact

Déjà Vu & You

Dry Love

Honeymoon at Niagara Falls

Like Lockwork

Love in Letraset

Love is Science Fiction *

The Love that is Possible


News Snooze Cues Muse Schmooz

One, Two, Bakerloo


Scorpion Grass *

The Seven Days of Christmas

Soul Lights *

These Eyes ain’t for Crying

To the Love Unwritten

Tubular Belle

Valentine Sestina

Villain Elle

Le Voyeur & His Muse

Waiting For His Call

Watching You Idle