Mind the Gaps

astronomy black black and white crescent
Photo by irfan ahamed on Pexels.com


Mind the Gaps

There are still things that you don’t understand, he said,
Things that your science cannot yet command, he said,
Things that will always be strange and unplanned,
Till you see our Lord God at their head.

That’s true, but I think you are crowing too soon, I said,
True, but we’re learning, for all you impugn, I said,
True, but just shrugging won’t fly to the moon,
But it will gawp up limply instead.



The Book of Numbers

The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci


The Book of Numbers

As a kid, I had a Bible,
But I only read the bits I knew.
Yet in the front, it listed all
The books therein, and quite a few !
I read the titles, wondering,
What ancient tales they must contain –
Though most were called by random names,
Which sounded boring, sounded vain.

But one stood out – The Book of Numbers !
Was it all divine geometry ?,
Secret cyphers ?, Sacred fractals ?,
Heaven’s holy trigonometry ?
Did it declare why the speed of light
Is the very speed it is ?,
Or how the cosmos banged so bright ?,
Or how the atoms whizz ?,
Or how entangled is the quark ?,
Or why is so much matter dark ?,
Or are the anti-particles still His ?

I should have known –
Nothing but a census, a way of keeping score.
When asked for facts, the Lord has shown
That nothing matters more than tax and war.



The Electric Universe

electric universe
Electric Universe by wickedsword


The Electric Universe

I heard about it on the wires –
From out the noise, a brand new spark
That’s causing quite a buzz, it seems,
With those who dare to cross the streams –
The stars are not atomic fires,
They claim, and matter isn’t dark !
Instead, across all empty space
Electrostatic charges race…

The stars are merely filaments
Amid a galaxy of bulbs,
The cosmic pulse, at super-C,
Will form electro-gravity.
Now, many physicists resent
This theory, and the place it holds –
But then, how can they fail to see
The holes in relativity ?

I heard the crackle in the air,
And tuned my head and felt the spike –
For all that maths and physics bore,
I saw at once the metaphor !
The Universe and I must share
In cells and galaxies alike
Electrons – tiny, yet so large –
So much potential in their charge !



Just in time for the first image of a black hole, I learned about a theory of space that denies their existence (also referred to as Plasma Cosmology).  As I understand it, it basically posits that (though I’m sure I’m butchering this):

the reason no definitive evidence of black holes or dark matter exists is because they don’t actually exist,

that over 99% of matter in the universe in in a state of plasma, which readily conducts electricity,

that the lack of matter to hold the galaxies together is due to electricity itself amplifying gravity,

And that stars are not nuclear furnaces but more akin to the elements in lightbulbs, that is the places where the Universe’s electric field ‘discharge’.

But like I say, I’m sure I’ve got that mostly wrong.  And I make no claims to its accuracy.  What attracted me to it was simply its poetic possibilities.




iDeath by Michal Ožibko



If God is all-knowing,
That means he must know
Of all that there ever was,
All that there ever is:
How the quarks come
And the particles go –
Ev’rything, ev’rywhere,
All truth is his.

The past and the present
Are known by the Knower
In all their minutia,
Quintessence and trait.
But still there is somewhere
Where knowledge is slower:
It drips out in trickles,
And God must just wait.

Almighty all-knowing
Is shrouded in mist
When scrying for knowledge
Where no god can go:
For all of the Future,
Has yet to exist –
It cannot be known
When there’s nothing to know.

More knowedge is locked up
That knowedge He knows,
He’s learned but a fraction
Of all there can be.
He knows that it’s out there,
And waits till it shows
As slowly – so slowly !
It works itself free.



Circa Circumfrence

ancient of days
The Ancient of Days by William Blake


Circa Circumference

And he made a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other…and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.
                                                                                                                                        1 Kings 7:23

There’s so many reasons for faulting the Bible,
From cud-chewing hares to the gross genocides.
There’s so many reasons, it’s scarcely a libel
To call God a fool, and a mean one besides !
There’s so many reasons for calling it tribal,
And local and ancient – the worst-of-all guides.

So many bloopers and so many slayings,
Just so many errors and terrors astounding –
Why do you focus on one of its sayings,
By claiming the value of pi is worth hounding ?
You won’t get the faithful to doubtings and swayings
With petty point-scorings that don’t allow rounding.