Everyday Poems

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For all those poems dealing with daily life, and to be honest all those which don’t fit anywhere else.



And now, Here is the News

April Howlers

April Smarts

Armchair Philosophy

Ascii 112


Ba-Bump in the Night

Bankrupt Holiday


The Battle for Midweek

Brolly Dolly

Bunting in the Rain

Christmas Bells

Coming Distractions

Commuter Without Portfolio

Con Occhi Aperti

Con Spiracy

Cucumber Time

Darker Later

Déjà Fait

Disposable Income

Doorknocker Blues


Dramatic Tension

Dream On



Every Sunday

Fear & Statistics

A Few Hours Spare

Five Strangers Among Us


Foot Mittens

Forever Second Place in a Beauty Contest

Foxing Day

A Friend in Blend

Giving Cynicism a Bad Name

The Gravity Pin

A Great British Tradition

Harvest Traffic

Hat Plus One

The Haunted Schoolyard

Here Today

Hipster Moi


In Mind

International Women’s Day

It’s All Good Stuff

It’s Probably Important

January, January


The Knobs Turn Both Ways

The Last Post

Last Train to Nowhere

Leftover Sprouts


Like Rain…

Lockdown Locks

The Long Journey to Average

Longhold Tenancy


Mist Connection

Moving the Goalposts

My Almost Deadbeat Dad

My Leaping Friend

My Second-Best Beds


Niggles & Naggles

Night Atmos

Night of the Restful Dead

No Fish Were Harmed

Noughts & Crosses

Not Telling

Ode to Laze

Out of Lock

Overwhelmed by Subtlety

Pencil on a String

Pens Down

A Poet to his Surgeon

Poster Apocalypse

Pro Crastinator

The Providence Plot

Purple Haze

Reflected Glory

The Registrar

Regulation Jollity


Robinless Rounds

Saint Random’s Day

Salvation United

Sashes & Splashes

Scholastic Surgery

The Second Week of January

The Selfie-Stick


Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, Buddha

Shower Song

The Sidekick


Silent Night

Sleep of the Blessèd

So Many Locks, So Few Keys

Stagehand Biog

Starve the Addiction

Still Got It

Strange Bedfellows


Sudden Death

Summer Block

Sunday Best

Tempus Fudge-It

The Travelcard Shuffle

Too Many Mugs

Twinge Whinge

Two Minutes Silence

Uncle Charlie, How I Envy You

The Unfeted

Undone Town

Unhappy Feet


Unsolitary Confinement


Unwise in the Ys

Vaguely Georgian

Verbally Hyperbole

The View from the Dock

Walking With Scissors

We Just Don’t Get It

Whatever the Sconses, they all take the same Candles

Where the Hounds Lie Low

Wish I Were There

Work in Progress

Work is my Sunscreen