Art Poems

Perspective of Eight Designs for Churches, with Plan

Perspective of Eight Designs for Churches by Joseph Gandy

Art, architecture, music – long the attention of the poet’s lyrical wax. Naturally, I’m no exception.  And of course, lots of poems about poems, because every artform is in love with itself.

1% Inspiration


Alphabet Soup


Aves Unblazoned

Between the Grooves

The Bland & The Brutal

Bluesless Blues

Building Slump

The Confession of Giulietta de’ Cappelletti

Concerto for Air Guitar

Deep & Meaningless

Dusty Jackets

Eyebrow Stroking

Falling Standards


A God-Awful Small Affair

The Gods of Melodrama

Graduation Poem

Green Park Gallery


Halal Hammer

Hashtag You’re It

The High Cost of Knowledge

How to Recite Right

In Praise of ‘The Leaf’


Literary Voices

The Long Long Chord

Lost Quotations

A Malady of Arms

Mercator’s Projection (A Requiem)

Moody Lintels

More than a Footnote

Mutiny on the Waves

My Mind, She Runs

Necessary Narcissism

None Shall Speak

ONE two THREE four

Oriental Droppings


Parable of Architecture

Pips in the Slips

Poet’s Corny

Posy Prosy

Proem to a Poem

Purple Requiem


Rocket Roll


Set My Verses Free !

A Song for the Songless

The Spoils of Verse

Squeal For Me

State of the Art

Three Minute Pop

To be a Rock and not a Roll


A Trip to the Country

Twopenneth Worth

Unstarted Symphony

Versificator Regis

Vexillologically Vexed

When Your Song is Sung

White Mice & Black Rats