Art Poems

Perspective of Eight Designs for Churches, with Plan

Perspective of Eight Designs for Churches by Joseph Gandy

Art, architecture, music – long the attention of the poet’s lyrical wax. Naturally, I’m no exception.

Alphabet Soup


Aves Unblazoned

Between the Grooves

The Bland & The Brutal

Bluesless Blues

Building Slump

The Confession of Giulietta de’ Cappelletti

Concerto for Air Guitar

Deep & Meaningless

Dusty Jackets

Eyebrow Stroking

Falling Standards


A God-Awful Small Affair

The Gods of Melodrama

Graduation Poem


Halal Hammer

The High Cost of Knowledge

In Praise of ‘The Leaf’


Literary Voices

Lost Quotations

A Malady of Arms

Mercator’s Projection (A Requiem)

Moody Lintels

More than a Footnote

Mutiny on the Waves

None Shall Speak

ONE two THREE four


Parable of Architecture

Proem to a Poem

Purple Requiem

Rocket Roll


A Song for the Songless

To be a Rock and not a Roll


A Trip to the Country

Twopenneth Worth

Unstarted Symphony

Versificator Regis

Vexillologically Vexed

When Your Song is Sung

White Mice & Black Rats