Sci-Fi Poems

close up view of plasma
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A much under-explored field for poetry, I’ve given it a go. Now, where did I put my brave new world..?

After the Third War


Area 42

The Audacious Free Will of the Predestined Chrononaut

Binary Error

Breakfast in the Ruins

Chromium Dreams

Cognitive Dissonance


Cuculus horologus

The Elephant in the Time Machine

Fahrenheit Four-Hundred-Somthing

Four Thousand Million Years in the Making

Free Mulling

The History of an Industrial Revolution, Located in a Parallel Universe

I Am, Therefore I Think

Into the Future, Shambling & Mumbling


Love is Science Fiction

The Modern Way

The New Man


One Billion Bullets

Out There


Radio Galileo

Rocket  –  To Boldly & Beyond

Rocket Roll

“Tell me more of this Earth thing called kissing”

Tidal Locking

Trans-Galactic Relations

We Choose to Go to the Moon & Do the Other Things

Welcome Proxima b

World War 3-D