Fantasy Poems

gray dragon statue
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Even a rationalist needs to pretend sometimes, and this is where I do mine. It’s also a convenient place to put my poems of general nonsense, and those that don’t do much except talk about an intense child.

Adders & Ladders

Adle Strop

The Anointed

Armageddon Headonism


The Ballad of Miss Pickle

Cold Aquaintance

Daedalus to Icarus

De-rigging the Deck

Doves & Cockerels

Drowning in the Jordan


For England & St George

From the First Notes of Dawn till the Last Chords of Dusk

Genesis – Chapter 1, Version 2


Guardian Angelface

A Hat that Lets the Rain in

Hello Aeronautic


In the Arms of Morphea

Jesus on a Davidson

Just Another Face in the Choir

The Layman of Shalott

Little Drummer Boy

A Little Lady of Letters

Little Miss Pinball

A Logbook of Wonders


The Meeting of Samson and Hercules

My First Imperial Adventure

No Laughing Matter

No News from Nowhere

No Rest for the Blessèd

Nosedrip Headtrip

Penwith Smith

Prog Log

Rapture Deferred


Seismic Sirens

Shall-he Shanty

The Singalong Song


Swarm Over Hamelin


Talk Like a Pirate

The Talk of far-off Forums

That I Might Know the Proof of You

A Ticket to Timbuktoo

Tillers of the Ground

The Waters of the Flood were upon the Earth

Where be Dragons ?

Wimples & Dimples