Nature Poems

top view photo of green plants
Photo by Irina Kostenich on


Ah Nature, ever the poet’s go-to when blocked.  Here are some of my attempts to catelogue each red tooth and fearful symmetry.


The Ant-Days of Summer


Balding Trees

Bashful Bulbs

Beside the Seaside

The Benthonaut

The Blobfish

Butterfly Bushwacked

A Cat in Hell’s Chance

Cattle Prattle

Corvus niger

Counting Magpies

Daddy Longlegs

Do Kings Play Chess On Fine Green Silk ?

Hallmark Horticulture

Heavy Weather


I Spied a Spider

If Only We’d Known about Velociraptor, Too !

Infestations & Negotiations

An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles

Isopod Nod

Kosher Insecta *


Mayfly Days

Nothofagus antactica

One Spot, Two Spot

Open Season


Pond Life

The Practical Gardener


Rainy-Day Responses

Red in Breast & Claw

Retro Virus *

Royal Wedding


September Showers

Sing a Song of Sixty


Two-Tone Margarets

The Water Cycle