Infinity is Bullshit

The Mathematician by Rembrandt

Infinity is Bullshit

Oh, you’re so clever
With all your semantics,
And sleight-of-hand antics
About the forever.

But infinite‘s nothing
Except very big
And the laymen soon twig
That you’re really just bluffing.

The same goes for ‘perfect’,
There’s no such a-thing –
So stop worshipping,
Cos your god, he ain’t worth it.

So shove your hotels
And your arrows and monkeys –
We’re no theory’s flunkies
In updated Hells.

This whole universe
Is a finite amount
So however you count
Then it’s gonna get worse –

With numbers, it’s true
That whatever the score,
We can always add more
And still never be through

But you know what ?  So what !
So the numbers end never…
In all of forever,
Is that you’re best shot ?

Let’s cut the pretence –
When I hear infinite
I think of bullshit
And then it makes sense.

There is actually a branch of maths called Finitism which, while it does not deny that the concept of infinity exists, shrugs its shoulders and ignores it.

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