And now, Here is the News

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And now, here is the News

A breakthrough in diplomacy
Has ended months of feud –
In internat’nal politics,
The tension has subdued.
The PM hailed this landmark
As a crucial stepping-stone,
The opposition blamed him
For neglecting peace at home.

A leading civil servant has
Announced the stats on crime,
While the manhunt still continues
Throughout Ashton-under-Lyme.
A pension fund is audited
While lawyers cut a deal,
And a man remains in custody
Awaiting his appeal.

The dockers are on strike again
To call for better pay –
The railways threaten sympathy,
The postmen vote to stay.
The markets took a tumble,
And inflation rose point three –
Redundancies have been announced
In heavy industry.

United lost two-nil at home,
The third test was a draw.
A Rembrandt fetched a record sum,
And rain tonight for sure.
And finally, a scientist
Has found the laughter gene.
That’s all for now, we’re back at six
With tips for going green.

2 thoughts on “And now, Here is the News

    1. Thanks ! Interesting to refer to poetry as information – I do like to write poems on scientific themes. Though I must admit that those are often in response to writer’s block – “Oh hell, what am I gonna rhyme about this week…? I’ll have to Wikipedia something…marmosets, that’ll do…”


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