Z for Zen

magnetic poetry

Z for Zen

Poetry is ev’rywhere,
Ev’ry day has rhymes to share,
Ev’ry one has verses lurking,
Ev’ry chance, the words are working,
Headstones whisper epitaphs,
Letters to the Telegraph,
Dylan lyrics, hip-hop crew,
Aides-memoire and billets-doux,
Nurs’ry rhymes and wishing wells,
Playground chants and magic spells,
Proverbs old and riddles vexed
Advertising copy text,
Couplets quoted from the Bards,
Purple prose and greetings cards,
Epigrams and tetrastichs,
Cockney slang and limericks,
Lear, Milne and Tennyson,
Lennon, Carroll, Chesterton,
Milligan and De La Mare,
Poetry is ev’rywhere.

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