The First Second-Coming


The First Second-Coming

All praise to Buddha !
God-son of Maya,
Born unto a Virgin,
On the twenty-fifth December.
Heralding his coming
Was a brightly shining star,
Gifts betrothed by Wise Men,
Songs by Angel-Choir.

Teaching in the Temple,
Twelve and on his tod,
Then baptised in the presence
Of the Spirit of the God.
Tempted hard by Mara,
Tempted while he fasted.
Feeder of five-hundred
From a small cake-basket.

Healer of the sickened,
Walker on the water,
Renouncer of the World,
And poverty supporter.
A Kingdom of Righteousness
He built and oversaw –
Then came he down unto us
To fulfil the written Law.

Died upon a cross,
According to some sources.
Sealed up in a tomb
Which rent by magic forces.
Rose up from the dead,
Ascended to Nirvana;
Promised to return
For Judgement on our karma.

I read all the facts for this poem on a website a long time ago, and have never got round to verifying them, so this version of Buddha might be total bollocks – but then, all versions of Buddha are total bollocks.

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