Eyebrow Stroking

black and white optical illusion
Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com


Eyebrow Stroking

At school, they taught us poetry,
And how to read them, and what they meant,
And we recited dutif’ly –
And still I think they barely left a dent.

Strange, they never taught us songs,
But we understood them well enough:
Their loves, their hopes, their rights and wrongs –
Cheesy, sure – but boy, they were the stuff !

Poems once were fun and catchy,
Now they’re Worthy, now they’re Art.
My mem’ry of their lines is patchy,
Yet I know a thousand songs by heart.

At school they taught us poetry,
On long and stuffy afternoons –
But we learned far more humanity
From crappy lyrics with amazing tunes.



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