Your False True-Colours


Your False True-Colours

America, no !  You’re doing it wrong !
It’s red on the left, and blue on the right.
The rest of the planet can all get along,
But you Yanks as usual are picking a fight.
For red are the hands that must labour and toil,
And blue is the blood that possesses the soil.

It hardly takes NYPD or the Feds
To spy just how blurred is the choice of your hues –
With red-meat Republicans labelled as Reds,
And New England Democrats down with the Blues.
But red is for passion, and rage, and hard knocks,
And blue is for loyalty, culture and stocks.

America, no !  What you practice today,
We follow tomorrow – and follow you blind –
Our system for centuries soon shall decay
As crimson and cobalt get quite misaligned –
Then blue are the collars that lefties much cite,
And red are the necks of the folks on the right.

I debated whether I should leave out the superfluous ‘u’ in colour in the title, but I just couldn’t let logic overcome my desperate need for identity.

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