International Women’s Day

image by Bridget Badore

International Women’s Day

Some women are doctors,
And some women are dockers,
And some women are punk rockers,
Fire-fighters, romance-writers,
Occupants of bishops’ mitres,
Pacifiers, rabble-rousers,
Mini-skirted, wearing trousers –
Anything a man can do,
For good or ill – a woman will,
And ev’ry bit as bad or skilful, too.

Some woman are bikers,
And some women are bakers,
And some women are homemakers,
Blond-plaited, bowler-hatted,
Rugby-balled and cricket-batted,
Fat-catted millionaire,
Manning-up to grow a pair –
Anything a man can do,
For left or right – a woman might,
And ev’ry bit as grim or brightly, too.

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