Evolution Chant

march of progress
The Road to Homo Sapiens, better known as The March of Progress by Rudolph Zallinger (here shown in its folded form which only includes six of the fifteen-strong sequence).

Evolution Chant

I am an ape-man,
You are an ape-man,
Just like my great-great-granddaddy ape-man.

I am a monkey,
You are a monkey,
And so is the queen, her ministers and flunkies.

We lost our tails, we lost our fur,
We grew up bigger than we were,
We kept our hands and eyes and hips,
So we’re still monkeys to our pips.

One mill’yon, two mill’yon, three mill’yons, four –
Back in time, back in time, back to before.

I am a mammal,
You are a mammal,
We’re just like my great-great-grand-uncle Samuel.

I’m a reptilian,
You’re a reptilian,
Just like my great-great-third-cousin William.

We lost our scales, we lost our eggs,
We grew up with less bandy legs,
We warmed our blood and changed our ears,
But we’re still reptiles to our gears.

One era, two eras, three ears, four –
Mill’yons and mill’yons of years by the score.

I’m an amphibian,
You’re an amphibian,
Just like a German, a Chinese, or a Libyan.

I am a swim-fish,
You are a swim-fish,
Whatever our sisters, Sally-tall and slim-Trish.

We lost our gills, we lost our fins,
We grew up with our necks and chins,
We gained our lungs and lost some cones,
But we’re still fishes to our bones.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four –
Hundreds of mill’yons of years to explore.

I am a wiggle-worm,
You are a wiggle-worm,
Just like our brothers, who squiggle and who squirm.

I am a wet-sponge,
You are a wet-sponge,
Just like our neighbours, the blond and brunette ones.

We lost our universal cells,
We grew up bony, without shells,
We gained our teeth and gained our butts,
But we’re still sponges to our guts.

One eon, two eons, three eons, four –
Ages and cycles and epochs galore.

I am a germ bug,
You are a germ bug,
Just like the scorpion, the skylark and sea-slug.

I am a virus,
You are a virus,
Far enough back, and ev’rything’s a virus.

We lost our tiny little size,
We grew up big and strong and wise,
We may not think so anymore,
But we’re still microbes to our core.

One bill’yon, two bill’yon, three bill’yon, four –
Back in the days of the yoriest yore.

Feel free to change the opening lines to ‘ape-girl’ if you wish.

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