Golden Ages Last For Ages


Golden Ages Last For Ages

Every critic will tell you which is cool,
And which ones suck.
And we are happy to let them, fool !
For if they’re right, it’s only luck !
We trust them to know our own minds better,
And welcome their shame at our previous faves –
We beg them for news on the new trend-setter,
And willingly sign-up as slaves.

But if we’re honest,
Then we must let our guilty pleasures rule –
For only we know which are best
And those will always be uncool.
Whenever anyone states as a fact
That x is better than y,
It’s time that their advice was sacked –
Goodbye !

The golden age of art
Is the one we’re in right now, I say !
And ev’ry age before us
Was as golden in its way.
For ev’ry single year has seen
Our inspiration in the pink –
We’re loving it by millions,
Despite what critics think.

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