Love is Science Fiction

Musician by ellrano

Love is Science Fiction

Riding on a comet’s tail,
Or sailing on a solar sail,
Or swimming with a cosmic whale, so free –
If it could ever be.
Soaring in a space balloon,
Above the dark side of the Moon –
So watch the skies, I’ll see you soon, ma chère
Follow if you dare.
I guess I dream adventure far too much,
But ev’rytime we touch,
I feel the rockets fire and slip the clutch.

Meeting emperors of Mars,
Or space cadets in flying cars,
Or cybernauts from neutron stars, and lo !
We never get to go.
Surfing on an astral flare –
It can’t be done, and I don’t care –
So grab your board, I’ll see you there, for eight.
Alas, I may be late.
I guess I know I’m stranded on this place,
But each time we embrace,
It feels like I’m already out in space.

Charting interstellar seas
’Round Neptune and the Pleiades,
And who would not desire these – and yet
Desire’s all we get.
But fly with me to all extremes,
Where gravity can’t ground our dreams,
And we can dance on ether beams, my friend –
At least, we can pretend.
I guess I’ll never know what thrills I miss,
But ev’rytime we kiss,
I bet they feel an awful lot like this.

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