Why, oh why
Does Friar Fry
Regard himself as I & I ?
My questing question grew and grew,
As fruitlessly I’d try and try
To fathom out that guily guy.
I chewed that puzzle through-and-through
For where the answers likely lie –
He knew, of course, he knew I knew,
But gladly let my brooding brew.
His glance was always slightly sly,
As if to say I’m using you !
I may yet further crew accrue –
Am I not worth my duet due ?
And so, dejected, by-the-by,
I looked him in the eye and eye
And bid he share his news anew –
“Oh Friar Fry, pray wise me why
You see the world as mine & my ?”
He looked me back and sighed a sigh
And said “You know what’s truly true ?
We each and all are two-by-two –
Both I & I, and you & you.”



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