Why, oh why
Does Friar Fry
Regard himself as I & I ?
My questing question grew and grew,
As fruitlessly I’d try and try
To fathom out that guily guy.
I chewed that puzzle through-and-through
For where the answers likely lie –
He knew, of course, I knew he knew,
But still he let my brooding brew,
While smirking on some higher high
The way those holy dudes will do
While letting we poor students stew.
His glance was always slightly sly,
As if to say “I’m using you !
I may yet further crew accrue –
Am I not worth my duet due ?”
And so, dejected, by-the-by,
I looked him in the eye and eye
And bid he share his news anew –
“Oh Friar Fry, pray wise me why
You see the world as mine & my ?”

He looked me back and sighed a sigh
And said “You know what’s truly true ?
We each and all are two-by-two –
Both I & I, and you & you.”

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