Terminator Traitor

eye rhymes

Terminator Traitor

This rhyme is too faulty, it just doesn’t sit,
It’s splutty and halty, it stumbles awry.
This rhyme is too salty, it rattles with grit,
It’s ragged and jolty, it’s sneaky and sly.

And there is your problem, your verse is a word-crime,
Demurred-crime, absurd-crime, an everyone-heard-crime.
So there is your problem, your verse is an eye-rhyme,
A dry-rhyme, a shy-rhyme, a just-couldn’t-try-rhyme.

We’ve all of us done it, we have to admit,
We kick it and stun it, and hope they won’t espy.
We’ve gambled and run it, with rhymes not legit,
We’ve all of us spun it, and hoped it would fly.

But you sir, yes, you sir, you jolly-well knew, sir !
Your rhyme is untrue, sir, it does not apply.
For shame, sir, it’s lame, sir, you must face the blame, sir
They don’t sound the same, sir, your rhyme is a lie.

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