De-rigging the Deck


De-rigging the Deck

“No more taking high tea with the higher-ups,
Your majesty,” they told the Maid of Cups.

“No more living fancy-free like landed thieves,
Your majesty,” they urged the Page of Leaves.

“It’s not enough to be a patron of the arts,
Your majesty,” they warned the Queen of Hearts.

“No more clearing crofters from their fells
For sheep as far as one can see,
Your majesty,” they scared the Dame of Bells.

“No more shall your eldest fruit-of-loins
Be favoured for ascendancy,
Your majesty,” they snarled the King of Coins.

“You cannot beat or crush us all to graves,”
They shocked the Knight of Batons and the Prince of Staves.

“You cannot bribe or threaten us, my lords.”
They spooked the Knave of Diamonds and the Jack of Swords.

“We may be only deuces, threes and fours,
But to the House of Roses we bring wars.”

“The Court of Acorns next shall we uproot,
And then the Shields Clan shall follow suit.”

“We’ll strangle with our tentacles the bonds of Wands and Pentacles,
Then flush the royal flush out with a poker –
So let our fingers ruffle to the revolution shuffle,
And show Arcana Major why it can’t contain a joker.”

“You may be fat on clover, but you’ll soon be eating grubs,
Your majesty,” they promised to the Queen of Clubs.

“You’ll feel our pique upon your neck when sharpening our blades,
Your majesty,” they goaded to the King of Spades.

“The pips are taking back our land,
So drop your bluff and fold your hand.
We’ll take the tricks and watch you fall,
For lowly aces trump you all.”

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