Set my Verses Free !

The Socialist by Robert Koehler

Set my Verses Free !

Brethren, Sistren, time has come,
To rend this rhet’ric chain
That keeps our poems tum-de-dum
And ends each line in train.
Enough !  Why must our efforts follow form ?
Enough !  Why must their rhyming be the norm ?
Enough, I say, bring forth the storm !
Blow down this old refrain !

I call on you, eschew all those
Whose meter always chimes.
You doubt how we with formless prose
Can fight these structured times ?
We must !  Until their villanelles concede.
We must !  Until their odes and sonnets bleed.
We must, I say, so take my lead:
Reject this curse of rhymes !

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