Doorknocker Blues

steel door handle on door
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Doorknocker Blues

Don’t you come around here
I’m warning you, don’t you come around here, boy
Cos I won’t be home, d’you hear ?
Cos I won’t be here when you come around here, boy
So don’t you come knocking
     I know that you’re in there
Said don’t you come knocking
You’re silent as sin there
There’s nobody home, cos I won’t be unlocking
There’s nobody home, so you don’t you come knocking
     Your TV is flickering somewhere within there
You’re neighbours are bickering, winos are liquoring
Street kids are snickering.  What do I care ?
And I can wait days
And I will
I can wait days, and I’m waiting until
You open your door and you find me here still
You open your door, cos I’m knocking
Why you so stubborn ?
     I guess I just am
So stupid and stubborn
     I’ve no sense for damn
You’re shabby and sloven, a slacker and screw
I bet you’re on acid, and reefer, and glue
Your vision is flaccid – your timing is too
     I guess I’m a bit of a shambles, a clam
I guess that I get it from you
Now if you was plumbing to tap me for shaking
You’d better just come in, there’s nothing worth taking
     It really ain’t that way, I’m hitting a wall
I just need to talk yer, was all
You just need to talk, eh ?
     And split a few beers
You just need to talk, after how many years ?
     Thing is, there’s nobody else I could try
Not Ma.  Not the guys.  Not Father MacKay
My girl, see, my girl is – well, she’s gone and got…
Well, me too, I guess, it was my fault alot
But I never got no sense for damn
You mean you done gone and got your girl with kid ?
Jeez, of all the stupid skid you did !
This takes the slam
     I know, I know !  What could I do but scram ?
Oh.  Now I see
You rabbit out and think of me
And hope you find a life so bad
It grits you up to be a dad
But maybe what you find, my lad, is reasons worth to flee
But then one day, some years away, when you ain’t clocking
They may come knocking.

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