Pointless Deaths



Pointless Deaths

On ev’ryday, there’s somebody,
Who dies in quiet tragedy,
Who dies because biology
Cannot continue hence;
From choking on an apple pip,
Or falling from a clumsy trip,
To organs one day losing grip,
And none of it makes sense.

A fatal fallen power line,
Drowning in the Serpentine,
Little lumps we thought benign,
We never even met.
Neckties wrenched to stranglehold,
Coming over sweating cold,
Salmon eaten just too old,
And that is all we get.

Little cuts which never heal,
Failing brakes through perished seal,
Kidney stones as hard as steel,
Gone in a moment’s flick.
Poisoned by a buttercup,
Bitten by a friendly pup,
Simply never waking up,
We die too young, too quick.

Paralysed by peanut shock,
Thrown from steeds on solid rock,
Shaking loose a hornet flock,
So frail is life of man.
Golf balls crashing down to earth,
Infants dead before their birth,
And all our deaths are ever worth,
Is showing there’s no plan.



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