The Selfie-Stick

man kissing woman holding selfie stick
Photo by James Frid on

The Selfie-Stick

The kids have got a brand new toy
That’s cheap and fun and ev’rywhere –
It brings them joy in the bright, fresh air,
It’s something they can share on dates,
And something to deploy with mates.

How dare they !
These noisy louts !  This raucous zoo !
These brash young cupids all a-pout,
All mugging to their stupid stick –
We have to skew these buggers, quick !
They should have eaten up their sprouts,
Instead of dining on mange-tout !
They get about too much, these kids,
They ought to learn to do without.

They’re trying to extend their reach…
They need constraining –
Loitering about the town,
We need to teach the little jerks –
So salt the leaches, swat the gnats,
I swear the mouthy snots are gaining !
Keep the little sprats from reigning –
Keep ’em reined-in, keep ’em down !
Keep ’em straining, wipe their smirks !
It’s time these clowns learned where it’s at –
They want our crown – we can’t have that !
So stop their fun and make ’em work
To pay for our retirement perks.
The little berks !  The pushy brats !

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