I Am, Therefore I Think

Compassion by Donato Giancola

I Am, Therefore I Think

Do you ever wonder
If we clever, clever humans
Are merely ponderous machines ?
Biologic robots
With the programs written in our genes ?

But surely we have something else ?
A spark, a drive, an inner sense
That keeps us in control ?
But let us drop the pretence:
We are talking of a soul.

So why should I be special
When my laptop doesn’t care ?
I mean, I know I’m here, sure,
For I’m aware that I’m aware –
But is there really need for prayer ?

Perhaps if future androids
Ever learned that they were androids
Then would it break their spell ?
For all they look like us,
Would they think like us as well ?

Would they get less good at being good,
Or just less good at being ?
Would they start to doubt, or start to shirk ?
Or maybe even build machines
To do their work ?

Or would they shrug it off,
Or learn to cheat,
Or maybe even start to pray ?
All in all, I wonder…
But do they ?

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