A Year without a Summer

blur branches depth of field dry leaves
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

A Year without a Summer

April was sulky this year,
And May was too shy,
And June was a truant who failed to appear,
And then came the tantrums of jealous July,
And August was but an imposter
Who left us quite sober,
And as for September, it seems we had lost her –
And soon we were greeting the gloom of October.

So where had our Summer gone, all Summer long ?
Hiding above the clouds, he was.
His rain was heavy, his wind was strong,
And as to why – well, just because…
But that is the way of the weather, we say,
He’s always been fickle round here –
When all four seasons are met in a day,
Yet no Summer met in a year.

Not a comment on this year’s actual weather, just a general mope when we get a bit of rain.

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