Volume to Area


Volume to Area

A cube of side-length 1 tharg long,
Has an area of six thargs squared
And a volume size of one tharg cubed.
That’s one to six, when they’re compared.

But now let’s double up its size
To two tharg lengths, and suddenly
The area is twenty-four,
The volume eight – that’s one to three !

So scaling up the width each side
Will jump up what is held within ?
Well, in proportion, so it seems –
Except in truth it’s all just spin.

Let’s take that smaller cube once more,
And measure it along the side
And find it isn’t one at all,
But now six zorbies wide.

It hasn’t grown, it hasn’t shrunk,
But now it’s strictly one to one –
The lesson I have taught today
Is never trust statistics, son !

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