World War 3-D

future war
War Machine by J C Park

World War 3-D

The US is champing and Russia is frothing,
The EU is braying and China is scoffing,
Iran ululates and Israel kvetches,
And nobody thinks of the innocent wretches.
So crank up the ante and settle the score,
Yippey, it’s a proxygen war !

With Japanese raving and Indians drooling,
With peasants revolting and lords overruling,
With Saudis denouncing and Vaticans cursing,
The banks and the gangsters each tighten a purse-string,
Kalashnikovs rattle and howitzers roar,
Yee-ha, it’s a bloc-rocking war !

Got to keep those pinko yellow rednecks in the black,
Got to stick those selfless noble heroes in the back –
So pick a side and roll the dice,
And carve yourself a bigger slice –
It won’t be you who pays the price,
As long as you attack.

The oil is stolen, the pipeline is shafted,
The min’rals are worked and the workers are drafted,
The diamonds are blooded, the rubies are spies
For the gold in their teeth and the steel in their eyes –
So give to the rich as we take from the poor.
Olé, it’s a hamburger war !

The deserts are flooded, the icecaps are vapour,
The oceans are plastic, the forests are paper,
The vegans are cowed and the pacifists violent,
The media meddles, the movies are silent,
The public are jaded, they’re seen it before –
Achtung, it’s a hand-me-down war !

Got to keep those dirty commie fascist lib’rals down,
Got to kick those native ethnic locals out of town
So pick a side and make your play,
They’re only lives we throw away –
We’ll laugh about this war some day,
When memories turn brown.

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