Why did those Feet…?

jesus & other joseph
banner from Pilton church, showing Jesus & Joseph of Arimathea on holiday in Glastonbury

Why did those Feet…?

I’ve often found it fairly odd,
The way the English always had
To borrow someone else’s god,
And rush to join the latest fad –

From Mother Earth to Father Woden,
Merlin and Sir Galahad,
Until at last, through constant goading,
So we fell for Jesus, bad !

But what was the attraction
In a bunch of desert-nomad tales ?
The sarabands that blew their action
Don’t translate to English gales –

I guess we want to get along –
A thousand martyrs can’t be wrong !
When cult’ral cringe is at its height,
The chariots are burning bright !

So Adam loves his country Garden
(Never naked, always blond),
But once he’s out, why would he harden
In a world so green beyond ?

And Noah’s rain is not a threat
To those who never felt a thirst,
And Moses needn’t raise a sweat
When native plagues of gnats are worse !

And Jesus, what about the lad ?
Politely yet at-length ignored,
Where nobody would call him mad,
Yet nobody would call him Lord.

“He’s far too foreign”, they would say,
“And far too showy – not our way.”
somehow (why, though, isn’t clear)
Jerusalem was builded here.

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