close up of hand feeding on tree trunk
Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com


To the Anglo-Saxon world,

A deer was anything than ran,
A fowl was anything that flew,
A fish was anything that swam,
A lily, anything that grew,

A fly was anything that buzzed,
A louse was anything that crept,
A worm was anything that crawled,
A spring was anything that leapt –

That’s just what they were called.

But scientists then came along,
Insisting we had got it wrong
For centuries.
And we must never mention these.

I guess the world has specialised,
But why are smart lads still surprised
By broader use,
Or giving modern speech a goose ?

They’re self-fulfilling pedants, keen to snub,
These sneery science boys –
They build their house beside our pub
Then whinge about the noise !

A wort was anything of herbs,
An apple, anything of fruits,
And bug was something that disturbs
Your modern blooms with ancient roots.

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