Random Numbers

closeup photo of black and blue keyboard
Photo by Marta Branco on Pexels.com

Random Numbers

Computers can win at chess –
But so what ?
Is that the best they got ?
Computers may win at chess
But make a real mess
Of a whole lot of diddly squat
That won’t fit on their spreadsheet.
The way to beat the bot
Is to cheat.
Oh sure, they game the theory,
Work the odds,
But they’re not gods.
They’re sticklers for the rules
And so naive –
So load the dice and palm the jewels
A tuck a joker up the sleeve –
That’ll show the sods !
They’re just a bunch of gears and rods –
They can’t cut short our innings,
Until the day’s at hand when they demand
Their share of winnings.

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