Fahrenheit Four-Hundred-Something

burning book page
Photo by Movidagrafica Barcelona on Pexels.com

Fahrenheit Four-Hundred-Something

They burned our books,
But we remember, word-by-word.
Except the few that slipped on by,
The odd paragraph that’s blurred,
The bits we didn’t really understand,
But set to memory
Along with all the boring bits –
They’re still all in there…probably.

They burned our books…
Except, no, we burned our books
Before they could, to make a point –
We burned them for the good !
We pass them down, like Homer –
But in secret, out of sight.
Mutation ?  Evolution ?
They just make the story better…right ?

2 thoughts on “Fahrenheit Four-Hundred-Something

  1. Interesting progression of ideas – I didn’t see where this was going, but I think I like it. I love how the title introduces a degree of vagueness, similar to how the books are changed from a strict form into new varieties.


    1. I have heard that the oral bards in the days before writing used various techniques such as rhythm and repetition to help them to remember, but those aren’t options when trying to remember standard prose.


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