Here Today

Rachel Weeping for her Children by Stephen Gjertson

Here Today

We’ll never know when our end shall be,
The screen goes black, the credits roll,
And wide awake or in our sleep,
We’ll never know we lack a soul.
Perhaps that’s why for some it’s tempting
Taking matters in control.

I’ll never know how they make the choice,
And they, alas, aren’t here to tell –
Chronic pain or chronic guilt,
Or pits of lonely, muffled hell ?
I hope it’s not intense romantic folly
That has cast its spell.

I’ll never know how they feel that way,
So desperate to shed the weight –
Yet if I’m honest, right now in my life
Most things are not so great
But never for a moment do I
Seriously contemplate.

I’ll never know, and I hope I never will
What makes them run aground.
There’s always a chance of beauty,
And belief it can be found –
I’m certain that I’ll kick this slump
And you’ll be seeing me around.

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