Foreword & Forewarned

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Foreword & Forewarned

Dear reader, thumbing through my book –
Allow me to ally your quarm,
Dear reader: you shall fetch no harm
Within – for ev’rywhere you look,
I promise you shall only find
Here poems with their lines entwined
In rhymes and rhymes which lace and bind
Agreeably with eye and hook.

Nowhere in my whole collection
Shall you need to choke a groan
At all the orphans, all alone,
With friendless lines in disconnection.
Barely noticing their neighbours,
Such lines flail with blunted sabres,
Never pooling all their labours,
Pulling ev’ry-which direction.

Dear reader, pondering my book –
Feel free, take your time.
Take the long and thoughtful look
And do not worry – they all rhyme.

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