Vintage AM FM Memorex Radio by L. Wright


Telepathy – could it be radio ?
Could we ever evolve to receive it ?
You’d better believe it !
Pigeon already can, you know,
Or at least, the magnetic field,
So science has revealed.
And then there’s electricity,
Made by the platypus and eel
To help them stun or feel.
And, for sheer simplicity,
We all see visible light, or course –
That’s the same old force !
But can we ever transmit ?
Even bio-luminescence,
Is a rare and gloomy presence,
Yet feels like it might fit –
Lengthening the waves it sends,
Detected by its friends
Who see much deeper in the red –
Though still only line-of-sight,
And still not bright.
Next – a wire in the head –
An aerial, but what does that solve ?
How could it ever evolve ?
And the energy required
To send the signal further than a voice
Will never make it nature’s choice.
No, we’ll never be wired,
We’ll never fill the air with fizz –
Not till we’re cyborgs, that is…

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