Contract of Contact

The Jewish Bride
detail from The Jewish Bride by Rembrandt

Contract of Contact

My darling, do you not yet see
That you, and you alone,
Have access to my being
That to others is unknown ?
My body, dressed in nakedness,
This flesh in which I’m sewn
Is yours and mine exclusively,
With covers slipped and thrown.
For if another eyed me
Like I love to have you spy me,
Then I’d take offence most highly
At the violation shown.
And if another clutched me,
Like I love to have you touch me –
Then they importune me muchly
In my most forbidden zone.
But when that touch is yours, I shall not blush,
Nor hold you back, except to slow the rush –
Don’t fret you are rebuked if we sometimes must postpone.

No other gets a look-in
Once my modesty has flown –
To only one I’m willing,
And to only one condone.
And though it’s never yours to take,
But always mine to loan –
I choose to lease it full and free,
To weave into your own.
But should it prove unnerving
When my body’s joyful curving
Leaves you feeling undeserving,
Then allow me to atone –
Perhaps you need remindings
Of your fingers and their findings
As they slip my many bindings,
Be they button, lace or bone.
Besides, the sweetest part, in the event
Is not the act itself, but the consent.
And that I give you gladly – to you and you alone.

This is written with a female voice, incase it wasn’t obvious.

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