To Boldly & Beyond

JCSAT-16 Launch by Celestial Images

To Boldly & Beyond

Strap in, guys, and hold on tight,
It’s gonna be a bumpy flight –
Heartbeats thump and circuits hum,
As heavens here we come.

Countdown into single figures,
One last breath and pull the triggers –
Engines fire and thrusters thrust,
And Jupiter or bust.

We’re up, we’re up-and-away !
Too late to pray,
Too late for anything but onwards.
Course is set,
But don’t blink yet –
Don’t want to miss the great beyond…

We’ve slipped the bounds,
But don’t look down,
Look straight ahead into the future –
Feel its kick
In spine and rib,
And don’t be sick when coming to, yeah ?

And after all that smoke and fury,
All that science, all that glory –
Now it’s all so strangely still
Atop the highest hill.

But oh, the view is worth the trip !,
As earthly problems loose their grip.
Cast off and sail the weightless sky,
Till the hydrazine runs dry.

And yes, that line is meant to say loose and not lose.

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