A Waste of a Good Violin

Untitled by Katie Kurkjy

A Waste of a Good Violin

               (In response to Trevor Griffith’s Comedians)

There’s a thousand kinds of comedy, Gethin,
But you, son, you are doing none of them.
There’s punchlines, shocklines,
Character and cringe lines,
But you, Gethin, you ain’t got a-one of them.

Shouting at the audience is not being edgy,
It’s just being lazy, when you don’t have a joke.
The Guardian may love you,
But the punters shrug and yawn –
Cos you, Gethin, you just ain’t a very funny bloke.

Unless I’m missing something, you’re not even trying,
It isn’t that your gags are falling flat –
You’re miming and ranting,
And smirking up your sleeve,
But Gethin, you’ll have to try damn harder than all that !

Yet who the hell am I to tell what’s funny ?
But I don’t get it, and I won’t come back
I hope you’ll find an audience,
But Gethin, don’t forget –
It’s fine to make ’em think, but you’ve gotta make ’em crack…

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