A Nonny Mouse

A Nonny Mouse

We all of us
Are branded and defined –
So that must make me…
If you catch my name
Then all the better,
But it won’t be me who drops
A single letter.
Cos if I’m any good,
Then you’ll find out in the end –
It will beam out through the ether
It will sneak out round the bend.
But just for now,
Go easy on the fame –
My ego, it can take it
If you don’t know what’s my name.

If you really wanna know
Then you can learn it –
But honestly,
I think I gotta earn it.
And as for folks
Who helped me get along –
They’re worth a hand,
They’re worth a whole-damn song.
But they’re more then gabbled names
And anecdotes –
And since you’ve never heard of them,
Best save it for the liner-notes.
But if you leave my presence
With a head full of fun,
Then whatever be my name,
My work is done.

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