The Fork in the Road

The Fork in the Road

Sometimes, we shall come to a junction
We’re sure we’ve taken before –
The fingerpost fulfils its function,
But we need it to tell us more:

Did we pass this way in our youth,
Rounding the bend to find the familiar ?
Can we trust mem’ry to tell the truth
When it says the way was hillier ?

I guess the world’s a globe, and feet are curved,
And arcs are circles over time,
And anyone who’s life has swerved
Must one day find they’ve made a rhyme.

And so, this junction has crossed our path,
And forced a choice of way –
And still we live in the aftermath
Of the road we took that day.

This time, let’s take the other of three,
The road untook, the life unspent –
Except, for all we try to see,
We can’t recall which way we went…

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