How To Get Back Home From Outer Space #A – (arrival)

Dragon's Dream
Dragon’s Dream by Chris Foss


Don’t panic.

Really, try.

Try not to panic.
Try not to cry.

I know…I know how you must feel,
Because I felt the same –
UFO and tractor beam,
The whole stupid game.
Who’d have thought the Future
Would be such a cliché ?  Retro-chic ?
Who’d have thought the Aliens
Would look so green and meek ?
I guess they had a job to do,
Exploring ev’ry human zone –
We’re prodded, probed and watched…always watched,
Yet always so alone.
And then after days, or weeks, or months,
Or who knows who cares how long,
Given back our clothes and liberty,
Turfed-out where we don’t belong.
But what do I know ?  Yours could be different –
It really matters none.
What matters is you’re here right now –
Your adventure’s just begun.
But unlike me, you’ve something more
Than the togs in which you stand.
You have my guide you’re holding now
To this very foreign land.
By chance, I had this notebook on me
When I reached these distant shores –
And now I shall record my journey,
Turn my good luck into yours.
You’re not alone, not any more –
I went before you, found the way –
I left this log, the one you found
On some scared and future day.
Just hope that you can read English –
If you can…well, then, hello.
It seems we’re living in science fiction,
Don’t let it give you vertigo.
Forgive me if I give voice to some wit
And a joke or two –
Especially from one author,
Who was far more right than he ever knew.
I hope they raise a knowing smile from you
And not a frown.
I wouldn’t like to think that I am
Getting anybody down.
I can’t give you answers
Over how or what or why –
All that I can tell you is –

Don’t panic.

Really, try.

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