long exposure of photography of brown tree
Photo by Harrison Haines on


Look up.
Look up on a clear night,
And there they are –
Oases of light in the desert black,
That stretches back forever far.
And how many worlds must orbit ?,
And more each time we look,
Where congregating chemicals can cook…

They must surely be
Surrounding us on the deep and wide –
They that cannot help but hide
In all directions we can see.
We are within a ball of life
Where all we view on ev’ry side
Are living stars with planets each –
And all beyond our reach.

All this life, and nothing to show –
It’s simply far too far away,
So there they are and there they’ll stay
As epochs come and eons go.
We listen out for radio,
But static is all they play.
They must be out there, even so…
Yet all this life – and we’ll never know.

2 thoughts on “Alienated

  1. Dear toasting fork
    It’s been great reading your poems that I stumbled upon accidentally and have loved them. What expression! What choice of words! What imagination! I would love to know your real name and more about you. By profession, I am an author who writes for school kids. May I use your poem Alienated in one of my books in the unit on science fiction? Children will love it.
    warm regards


  2. Why, thank you, mbalkrishna, and feel free to use my poem in your book. I’ve always thought there aren’t enough sci-fi poems, so any work to promote it must be encouraged. All I ask is that you point your readers in the direction of this website.
    But I’d rather keep my birth name on the QT – partly because of ‘death of the artist’, and partly because it turns out my parents were unable to correctly predict what sort of person I would turn out to be, and thus didn’t bestow me with a poet’s name.
    Anyway, a pseudonym never did Plato, Voltaire, or Dr Seuss any harm…


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