How To Get Back Home From Outer Space #B – (orientation)

Arid Mesa
Arid Mesa by Raymond Swanland

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How are you doing today ?  Still weirded-out ? Chin up..
We’ll get through this, you and I, we’ll both get through.
Are you finding enough of the knobbly leaves on which to feed ?
I sure hope so, or else I just don’t know what you’re gonna do.
But you should, they’re pretty common – at least, they are for me.
As long as they’re not seasonal – now there’s a nasty thought !
But then again, they’re hardly leaves at all, but something else –
Something alien.  But ‘leaves’ will do for now, don’t let’s get fraught.
They’re also full of water, so you’ll never have to risk a drink
Of what the locals drink – which, trust me, is by far best left alone !
To tell the truth, I’ve eaten every leaf and swallowed every berry,
And thrown them all back up again – ah, the joys of the unknown !
I had to try them all, of course, and I can say without a shadow
That the knobbly leaves are absolutely all that you can trust.
In fact, I’m only starting on this journal as I lie here, weakly,
Trying to recover as my body learns to readjust.
I was beset with fever, and I swore that should it ever break
I’d save the next poor refugee the horror that was brought on me.
So here it is – a promise kept.  And soon, adventure beckons –
Let’s make the most of sighting all these things we’d never sought to see.

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